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Asus DUAL-RTX3060-12G Graphics Cards Desktop PC Computer Gaming


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  • RGB: YES
  • Overclocked: YES
  • Video Memory Capacity: 12GB
  • Interface Type: PCI Express 4.0 x 16
  • Chipset Manufacturer: NVIDIA
  • Memory Interface: 192 Bit
  • Video Memory Type: GDDR6
  • Output Interface Type: HDMI 1.2 x 1
  • Cooler Type: Double fan
  • Model Number: RTX3060
  • GPU Model: Geforce RTX3060
  • Power Connector: 8pin
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Brand Name: Asus

Warm reminder:

• The appearance of the graphics card has slight defects and small spots, about 9.5 new color, after strict testing before delivery, does not affect the use, if you have very strict requirements on the appearance, please do not buy, thank you!

• Original genuine goods

• Rigorous inspection and testing (3DMARK and FurMark) prior to delivery, with a default test of 45 minutes at temperatures below 80°

• Original box and CD drive not included

Instructions for use:

• Avoid blue screen, black screen, and restart caused by insufficient power supply. It is recommended that you use a power supply with a rated capacity of more than 500W

• Before installing the graphics card, connect the independent power supply port of the graphics card to the 6P/8P power supply cable

• Connect the monitor interface to an independent graphics card, not to an integrated graphics card

• Please use the official driver to match the graphics card performance to the best

• Long journey, black screen, display does not work, it is recommended that you wipe the video card gold finger below, reinstall

About fan questions:

• Inevitably, when the graphics card is operating at full power, the cooling fan will accelerate and may generate noise.

• When playing large games, the load will increase, causing the fan speed to increase, resulting in louder noise from the graphics card fan.

• Before delivery, we will silence the test, in the case of non-full load, no noise, we deliver normally.

• If you can not accept the noise when the game is full, it is recommended that you do not buy it, thank you!

About BIOS Questions:

• The default BIOS is the official game BIOS. If you want to change the mining BIOS, please download the bios from the specified website and replace the mining system. If you do not understand, contact the official customer service or contact us

About warranty:

• If the replacement of third-party BIOS results in damage to the graphics card, we will not provide warranty and refund service;

• If the buyer disassembles the product at an unspecified official repair shop (based on removing the adhesive from the warranty certificate) and the product is damaged, we will not provide warranty and refund service;

• Man-made damage, natural fire, flood, we do not provide warranty and refund service;

About Taxes:

• You have the chance to be taxed, customs will randomly check the package, we will try to help you, but if you only accept 100% tax free, please do not buy!

Asus DUAL-RTX3060-12G Graphics Cards Desktop PC Computer Gaming
Asus DUAL-RTX3060-12G Graphics Cards Desktop PC Computer Gaming





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